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Newtown High School

MAIN OFFICE:  (203) 426-7646
FAX:  (203) 426-6573
ATTENDENCE:  (203) 426-7656
NURSE: (203) 426-7649
ATTLETICS: (203) 426-7655
CAREER CENTER: (203) 426-7679
COUNSELLING OFFICE: (203) 426-7651

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Aguirre-Galan, Ashley Special Education Teacher   426-7690
Bennett, Carrie Secretary - Assistant Principal   426-7648
Blanchard, Alexa Counselor   426-7652
Brownell, Lee Secretary- LMC My Website 426-7685
Canfield, Christian Science- Department Chair My Website 426-7646 x6519
Dannen, Mary Secretary - School Counseling Office   426-7651
de Brantes, Nathalie Assistant to the Principal   426-7689
Deeb, Amy Social Studies Department Chair My Website 426-7646
DeJulio, Timothy Science-Co Director APSS My Website 426-7646
Dellasala, Jennifer Library Media Specialist My Website 426-7646
Devine, Paul Maintenance   426-7604
Dugan, Karen Secretary, Director of Facilities   426-7646
Francke, Clare Secretary-School Counseling Office   426-7652
Gabriel, Janice Theatre My Website 426-7646
Gacso, Stephanie Culinary My Website 426-7646
Gellis, Elissa Continuing Education   426-1787
Gerace, Mark PE- Health Department Chair My Website 426-7646
Hall, Eugene Math Department Chair My Website 426-7646
Hiscavich, Michelle Music- Department Chair My Website 426-7646
Hoagland, Lori Culinary My Website 426-7646 x6560
Hoffman, Marion Secretary - Assistant Principal   426-7648
Holst-Grubbe, Erik Business Ed & Applied Tech Department Chair My Website 426-7646
Kokinchak, Richard Special Education Teachere   426-7690
Latowicki, Kitty Career Center Coordinator My Website 426-7679
Longobucco, Kim Principal   426-7689
MacKrell, Martha Tutor Center Coordinator My Website 426-7646
Manning, Dana Assistant Principal   426-7648
Marks, Abigail Department Chair, English My Website 426-7646 x6522
McGinniss, Amy Special Education Teacher   426-7690
Milano, Jean Secretary -Main Office   426-7646
Modzelewski, Debi Secretary- Athletic Director My Website 426-7655
Monroe, Ellen Special Education My Website 426-7646
Mullen, Shawn Greenhouse My Website 426-7646
Murphy, Kelly Math Department My Website 426-7646
Narayanan, Lisa Paraprofessional - Science Department My Website 426-7646
Nichols, Bret Director School Counseling Office My Website 426-7652
Ornaf, Michael BEAT My Website 426-7646
Ostar, Cathy School Counselor- Co-Director APSS My Website 426-7652
Poppe, Marena Special Ed Secretary My Website 426-7690
Powell, Karen Nurse My Website 426-7649
Roach, David Assistant Principal My Website 426-7648
Ruscitti, Maria Graphics My Website 426-7646
Siano, Christopher Assistant Principal My Website 426-7648 x6125
Smith, Tim Science   426-7646
Steimel, Sue Attendance My Website 426-7656
Underburger, Marisa Counselor   426-7652
Vichiola, Jack Head Custodian My Website 426-7604 x6675
Villodas, Carol Secretary, Teacher Department My Website 426-7646 x6577
Vontobel, Michele Secretary, Continuing Education My Website 426-1787
Williams, Brianna English Teacher   426-7646
Zandonella, Liza Library Media Center My Website 426-7685
Zimmerman, Suzanne Secretary, Nurse Office My Website 426-7649
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