General Information
The College and Career Center is open from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.   To schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns call: (203)-426-7679.

Brandy Jacobs - College & Career Center Coordinator
Ana P. Mendes - College &  Career Center Counselor

What We Do
Career Clusters
College and Career Center

The College and Career Center is a valuable resource for our students and their families. Located right next to the NHS Counseling Office, it offers many tools and guides to assist students in researching their colleges and career choices, with many links to resources located on this page. The College and Career Center staff is here to assist students with that planning. 

We are also a great resource for scholarship information. Local, state, and regional scholarships are posted and shared with students via College and Career Scholarships Padlet. A month to month guide identifies and lists  the current scholarships available to our students and how they can apply for them. All questions about scholarships can be directed to Mrs. Jacobs.

We also share updates about community volunteer opportunities, college planning news, available job opportunities, and summer programs . The NHS Community Newsletter contains updates on volunteer opportunities that have been made available to Newtown High School Students.

Don’t hesitate to come visit the College and Career Center or contact us with any questions! We are here for you!

Inspiring Each Student to Excel

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